Water. It is part of our very existence because we are 60% water. It is also part of the Earth's existence too. The Earth is 71% water and 96% of that water is salt. Salt water is what the ocean is made of. The ocean is important because it houses many sea creatures, connects our continents, and is a whole new world to explore. We have to respect our oceans because currently there is a garbage patch called the Great Pacific Garbage Patch floating around in the ocean. It is three times the size of France (two times the size of Texas) and stretches over 600,000 square miles. We need to find a way to reduce the amount of trash we use so we don't add to the mess.

We need to help keep the ocean clean. This can be done by picking up trash on the beach, eating less fish and ocean creatures, saving water, respecting the habitats (like coral environments), and by only catching and releasing fish. We could also stop using plastic bags and straws and we could start using the eco-friendly bathroom alternatives under the tab "Ways to go Green".